Thursday, July 8, 2010

File Folders

I had a mountain of paper growing on my desk. I attempted to reclaim my desk with binders but then I had a binder problem. I had a binder for every child, every subject and another binder for completed work. I also had another crate full of TMs, CDs, and other resources that I use throughout the year. I was starting to lose items that I needed to load our workboxes and the clutter was disrupting our day.

Then I read this blog post from Springs of Joy Homeschooling and found our solution!

Each quarter is color coded and has 10 File folders. 9 for each school week and 1 for the extras that I will use for the whole quarter. Each weekly file has a folder for each child that contains all the loose items they will use during that week. Currently each child's folder has their MFW sheets, LA sheet and math sheets. The orange folders in the back contains the resources that we will use during the entire year such as our phonics game, TMs, CDs, etc.

I was able to eliminate all our extra binders! Now I only need to look in 2 places....instead of 7...... when looking for items for our workboxes. So Simple!

Now I need to decide what to do with the papers once the child has completed the assignments. We are already on week 8 of MFW Adventures so the MFW sheets will continue to go into Sam's history notebook. I believe for now all the completed work will be returned into the weekly folder so I will have a clear visual of the progress the kids have made for the year.

Hopefully this tames the paper monster!


my5wolfcubs said...

Beautiful! Are they filled? :)
Lee (from the WTMboard)

melanie said...

Oooohh pretty! I love them. My pics are from last year, so I am thinking of something pretty for this year :)

Wendy B. said...

I spent the morning filling them up. It was lots of fun on a rainy day!

Melanie- I linked to your blog since you were my inspiration. Let me know if you would prefer if I remove it.

Tina Hollenbeck said...

Hi. Wanted to let you know I found you on the MFW Blog Roll - and I'm so glad to know more MFW moms. :^) We did ADV last year, and will do ECC and K this year. I am also a fan of workboxes and All About Spelling. :^)

Hope you can stop by my place, too:

heatherloub said...

So when do you ever throw anything away that they did, or do you keep it all?

Robin said...

Looks great!

Monica said...

I'm am going to have to use your idea with the file folders.. thank you for sharing! I'm using MFW Adv this fall too!